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The Maison Bleue’s crowdfunding campaign ended on January 15th. Our goal was to raise the necessary funds to open our 4th Maison Bleue, opening in January 2020 in Verdun. 

We are so pleased with the results of this campaign : 18 lullabies +30 doses of Happiness +23 double doses of  Happiness+9 Bravos +7 gestures of kindness + tens of other gifts = $25 789  (103% of our goal!).

Launched last November on La Ruche, this crowdfunding campaign reached its goal of $25 000 a little before the holidays. Thanks to the Fonds Mille et un pour la jeunesse, this amount was doubled to reach $50 000. The funds collected will be used to complete renovation work and to set up the different spaces in our new location, making sure it’s all ready and secure for mothers and their children and babies, welcoming them in a reassuring, comforting space. Families that will be accompanied there, will create longlasting bonds and find a second family, the Maison Bleue family.

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For almost 13 years now, La Maison Bleue has been helping pregnant women and their families living in situations of vulnerability. Its mission is to reduce social inequalities and to promote the optimal development of children, from the time of their mother’s pregnancy until the age of 5. La Maison Bleue’s intervention model enhances the complementarity of medical, psychosocial and educational services, gathered under one roof, in a hybrid structure, offering more freedom and flexibility that allow a positive impact on babies’ health and children’s development, as well as parental skills.

« La Maison Bleue,  it’s the opportunity to do things differently and have a positive impact on the life trajectory of children. » Amélie Sigouin, cofounder and executive director of La Maison Bleue.

Since the opening of the first house in 2007 in Côte-des-Neiges, La Maison Bleue followed more than 4500 persons (mothers, babies, siblings, partners). In 2011 and 2017, the organization opened 2 new houses in Montréal (Parc-Extension and Saint-Michel) and a 4th one is due to open in Verdun in January 2020.

Scotiabank Charity Challenge: a fun way to support La Maison Bleue!

On April 27 and 28, La Maison Bleue will take part in its first Scotiabank challenge !
Join us to for this extraordinary experience in support for La Maison Bleue  

3 ways to help us:  

  • Register to the running event and raise funds  
  • Support a participating runner or team  
  • Make a donation to La Maison Bleue 


Whether you are a beginner runner, an assiduous walker or an experimented marathon runner – people of all ages can put on their shoes and meet us on April 27&28 at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  Many running options are offered, including one with strollers!

New registration

Use these promo codes for La Maison Bleue in order to get a special rate when yo register (as indicated below).  These codes must be used at the time of registration and each run has its own PIN. It is very important to have them BEFORE you register and to use the appropriate code for your run.  

21K : 19BLEUE21K (65$)
10K :  19BLEUE10K (45$)
5K : 19BLEUE5K (35$ )
5K with stroller : 19BLEUE5p (45$)
Children Run : 19BLEUEenf (25$) 

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If you need help, you can consult the following help file : Inscription au Défi caritatif – Pas à pas 

Registration will be free for the first 10 runners to register, provided that $200 is collected before April 1st.
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Already participating ?

You can transfer your registration, at no extra cost, to run for La Maison Bleue.
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You don’t like to run? You’re not available? No problem! You can help our cause by supporting a runner or a team registered to the challenge: click here to find a runner or a team. 



You can also make a donation for La Maison Bleue : click here for the donation page 



If you need help to register or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact Salma Moussatef,, 514.509.0833 #222  

La Maison Bleue celebrates 1 year in Saint-Michel

Montreal, March 30, 2018 –Born from the desire to better answer the needs of families living in a context of vulnerability, La Maison Bleue has now been helping the people of the Saint-Michel neighborhood for a full year and can celebrate the success of its first months of services there. The establishment of this third La Maison Bleue is the result of a partnership between the NPO La Maison Bleue, the CIUSSS de l’Est-de-l’Ïle-de-Montréal and the Family medicine group GMF-U Maisonneuve-Rosemont. It was made possible through a donation from the Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu and the support of the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec.

Since its inauguration in March 2017, the multidisciplinary team followed 99 families and has done 81 pregnancy follow-ups. Mostly, 512 babies were born – including 2 sets of twins! – and will be followed by La Maison Bleue until they start school in 5 years. Counting siblings and partners, 244 individuals benefited of the integrated services and care in a warm and welcoming place, in the heart of their community.

Acting together to act better

As it’s already done in the two other locations, La Maison Bleue in Saint-Michel maintains links with other organizations in the area to refer its clientele and therefore making sure that families benefit from all the services they need to improve their well-being. “The new La Maison Bleue in Saint-Michel will anchors itself with existing services in this neighborhood known for the vitality of its community life, and helps fulfill the needs of a vulnerable population. By acting early, during pregnancy, our goal is to use this unique moment and intervene beyond medical care. Perinatal services become a lever to change the life trajectory of children for the better. As it’s the case for our
Côte-des-Neiges and Parc-Extension houses, our team is motivated by the desire to create safety nets and solidarity springboards for mothers and their families”, explains Amélie Sigouin, co-founder and executive director of the organization.

Acting as soon as pregnancy

La Maison Bleue offers an accessible approach that puts forward integrated services where by doctors, midwifes, nurses, social workers and specialized educators work together under on roof. This approach promotes a positive experience of pregnancy and optimal conditions for the growth of the baby and the development of the child. “La Maison Bleue, it’s like a fresh breeze in the my work week! We work with a devoted team, that is both involved and heat-warming, it gives meaning to our work. We meet families with tortuous journeys, that are quite the example of resiliency. I feel privileged to stand alongside all these great people, week after week! I hope I can give back to these parents and children as much as they bring me”, testifies Dr Laurin-Bérard, a family doctor at the Saint-Michel Maison Bleue.

Helping more families

La Maison Bleue de Saint-Michel
La Maison Bleue is an efficient intervention model to support families living in a vulnerable situation and facing multiple and complex needs. Such needs persist elsewhere in Montréal and in Québec where 26% of children entering kindergarten are vulnerables in one or more develppment areas (source: Observatoire des tout-petits – Portrait 2017). People who wish to help out so more families can benefit from the integrated care and services of La Maison Bleue can support the cause by making a donation or by participating to our annual Gala that will take place May 31, 2018 at the Rialto, with Guylaine Tremblay, proud spokesperson of the organization since the beginning.

About La Maison Bleue

For more than 10 years, La Maison Bleue has been helping pregnant women and their families living in a context of vulnerability. The goal is to reduce social inequalities and promote and foster the optimal development of children, from their mother’s womb until the age of 5. The intervention model enhances the synergy of medical, psychosocial and education services brought together under one roof (family doctors, midwives, nurses, social workers, specialized educators and psychodeducators) for the benefit of mothers, newborns and their families. La Maison Bleue followed more than 4000 individuals since 2007 and now has three addresses in Montreal, in the Côte-des-Neiges, Parc-Extension and Saint-Michel neighborhoods.

A great Gala!

It was a great event at the Rialto theater on March 31st for the 12th annual fundraiser Gala of La Maison Bleue! A fantastic and extraordinary evening, from start to finish thanks to our partners and sponsors.
More than 200 guests came to celebrate with us and enjoyed various animations presented by some families of La Maison Bleue, we are so proud of them! There was also performances given by our guest artists: Karim Ouellet, Annie Villeneuve and Florence K. The House Band, with the musical direction of Julie Lamontagne, as well as the choir of Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, grand winner of Crescendo (saison 2) were also participating to the evening, hosted by Guylaine Tremblay, proud spokesperson of La Maison Bleue since its beginning.

A photo album of the 2018 Gala is available on our Facebook page

Thank you and see you in 2019!