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Interdisciplinarity at La Maison Bleue

By 18 February 2020 No Comments
L'interdisciplinarité à La Maison Bleue

We present you our first video capsule about our three pillars of social perinatal care. Its the result of brainstorming workshops of our community of practice and made possible with the support of Avenir d’enfants, this capsule shows how interdisciplinarity works daily at La Maison Bleue and explains the tools put in place to actualize this intervention approach.

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of our approach, which directs its attention on the totality of the health and social needs of the pregnant woman and child to come. By offering all our services under one roof, we successfully create a harmonious environment where trust and collaboration allow us to offer support that is both tailored and efficient.

Interdisciplinarity is one of three essential principles of social perinatal care, with empowerment/portage and outreach work. 

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