Social perinatality

What is social perinatality care?

Given the impact on families of the multiple and complex vulnerability factors they must contend with, La Maison Bleue has chosen to closely integrate medical monitoring during pregnancy and early childhood with comprehensive educational and psychosocial support, thereby creating the concept of “social perinatality”.

Social perinatality places the mother and her unborn child at the heart of the intervention

Intervention during pregnancy allows for preventive action to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the unborn baby

Social perinatality: an approach based on prevention

Social perinatality seizes the unique opportunity of pregnancy to intervene beyond medical care. This approach offers a range of resources and interventions, with a focus on prevention and support. Perinatality care make it possible to:

  • open a dialogue with mothers facing difficulties;
  • break isolation;
  • empower families to take charge of their well-being and that of their children.

This unique approach takes into account the complementarity nature of medical, psychosocial, educational services and legal assistance, all housed under one roof and offered on a human scale.

The 3 pillars of the approach in social perinatal care

Acting together to act better

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of our approach, which directs its attention on the totality of the health and social needs of the pregnant woman and child to come. By offering all our services under one roof, we successfully create a harmonious environment where trust and collaboration allow us to offer support that is both tailored and efficient.

Discovering strengths and the portage

Portage and empowerment are complementary forms of intervention on two poles of the same continuum. Whereas “portage” provides support to a person whose energies are under heavy strain, “empowerment” enables the person to recognize and actualize his or her strengths, so that he or she can regain power over his or her life.

The difficulties associated with complex life contexts can act as a weight on the shoulders of families. By carrying this weight with them, La Maison Bleue enables them to better tap into their energies and reinvest them in strength.

We believe that the experience of parenthood belongs first and foremost to families, and that despite the difficulties they may encounter, families are competent to help their children grow u

Outreach work

Outreach work aims to bring people closer to the services they need or that are available to them.

At La Maison Bleue, this notion translates into a warm and welcoming place, firmly rooted in its community. In fact, outreach work would not be possible without close collaboration with all the community and institutional players working in the same area, and more specifically in the same neighborhood.

In intervention, proximity work has a relational dimension. This refers to the contiguity between practitioners and customers, as well as the place given to informality.

Outreach work can only be carried out if a sufficiently solid bond of trust has been developed, placing people in a favorable disposition 

Plateforme - Social perinatal space

The Social Perinatality Space (for now available only in French) is a collaborative web platform coordinated by La Maison Bleue, with the aim of mobilizing knowledge in the field of social perinatal care. It enables health and social services institutions, organizations and professionals to learn about and share their expertise through events, training, resources and news.

espace périnalité social québec

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