Scotiabank Charity Challenge: a fun way to support La Maison Bleue!

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On April 27 and 28, La Maison Bleue will take part in its first Scotiabank challenge !
Join us to for this extraordinary experience in support for La Maison Bleue  

3 ways to help us:  

  • Register to the running event and raise funds  
  • Support a participating runner or team  
  • Make a donation to La Maison Bleue 


Whether you are a beginner runner, an assiduous walker or an experimented marathon runner – people of all ages can put on their shoes and meet us on April 27&28 at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  Many running options are offered, including one with strollers!

New registration

Use these promo codes for La Maison Bleue in order to get a special rate when yo register (as indicated below).  These codes must be used at the time of registration and each run has its own PIN. It is very important to have them BEFORE you register and to use the appropriate code for your run.  

21K : 19BLEUE21K (65$)
10K :  19BLEUE10K (45$)
5K : 19BLEUE5K (35$ )
5K with stroller : 19BLEUE5p (45$)
Children Run : 19BLEUEenf (25$) 

Click here to register and start collecting funds 
If you need help, you can consult the following help file : Inscription au Défi caritatif – Pas à pas 

Registration will be free for the first 10 runners to register, provided that $200 is collected before April 1st.
Contact us  to receive the code relating to this. 

Already participating ?

You can transfer your registration, at no extra cost, to run for La Maison Bleue.
Click here to transfer your registration and collect funds for La Maison Bleue! 



You don’t like to run? You’re not available? No problem! You can help our cause by supporting a runner or a team registered to the challenge: click here to find a runner or a team. 



You can also make a donation for La Maison Bleue : click here for the donation page 



If you need help to register or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact Salma Moussatef, salma.moussatef@maisonbleue.info, 514.509.0833 #222