Social Perinatal Care to Break Isolation

Social perinatal care has for its main objective to seize the unique opportunity of pregnancy to intervene beyond medical care. Thus perinatal services allow to open a dialogue, break isolation and provides families with tools to support their well-being and that of their children.

What is social perinatal care?

Considering the impact that multiple and complex vulnerability factors can have on a family, La Maison Bleue has chosen to closely associate perinatal care and early childhood medical care with educational and psychosocial support, thus creating the concept of "social perinatal care".

La Maison Bleue offerts its services from pregnancy to when the children turn 5 because this privileged period of intervention optimizes the medium and long-term positive effects on the family.

This approach takes advantage of pregnancy monitoring to offer a range of resources and interventions in a preventive and supportive way. It offers its services in a local structure, on a human scale, integrated in the community and facilitating links with community and institutional partners.

Family trajectory


Admission during pregnancy

• References from various sources

Needs Assessment by social worker

(Eligibility criteria and vulnerability factors)
• Start of follow-up

Joint Prenatal Care with Family physician and Midwife

• Prenatal classes
• Psychosocial follow-up with the social worker
• Group activities

Delivery with Maison Bleue doctor (or back-up) or the midwife

• Doula care if needed

Postnatal care

• Home visits
• Intensive follow-up for first few weeks, mother and baby

Child and family follow-up for the 0-5 years old period

• Health and development
• Vaccination
• Psycho-education services
• Stimulation groups
• Development evaluation
• Medical care
• Readiness for school evaluation
• Psychosocial follow-up
• Contraception
• Group activities
• Support with life plan and parenthood
• Advocacy

• Referal and facilitating links to community organizations, partners and 2nd line services, advocacy services, for the duration of the follow-up


Transfer of care towards appropriate resources:

• schools
• local CLSC
• 2nd line
• community groups etc.

Integrated care and services

Pregnancy care and family health

Individual or group prenatal follow-up

(joint care by doctor and midwife)
Prenatal tests provide information on the progress of the pregnancy and help women claim ownership over their pregnancy.

Postnatal follow-up

(doctor, midwife and nurse)
Women and their babies are visited at home in the first days after birth, as long as necessary. Meetings will then continue at La Maison Bleue.

Physical and mental health follow-up of all family members

(doctor and nurse)
Ad hoc consultations without appointments and referrals, as needed.


Vaccination promotes continuity of services by giving the opportunity to keep a link with the most isolated families.

Évaluation et suivi psychosocial

Psychosocial Evaluation and Follow-up

(nurse and social worker)

Following an initial screening of references, an encounter with the pregnant woman is made to assess her needs and those of her family. After discussion, the parties involved develop an interdisciplinary intervention plan.

Psychosocial and psychotherapeutic services

(social worker)

La Maison Bleue offers personalized assessment, counselling, referral and follow-up for different problems experienced by members of the family.


(doctor, nurse, social worker, psychoeducator, specialized educator, midwife)
According to family needs, stakeholders provide support or referrals to various authorities: Director of Youth Protection, immigration, employment, early childhood centers, schools, housing, etc.

Psychoeducative services

Early stimulation 0-5 years old

(specialized educator)

These individual or group meetings are designed to stimulate the development of children according to their specific needs.

Evaluation of Child Development

(specialized educator and psychoeducator)
At 8 months, all children are met to establish contact with their parents, assess the development of the child and plan an appropriate follow-up. Other assessments occur at 2 and 4 years old.

Psychoeducational follow-up

This monitoring is to support and strengthen existing parenting skills, to promote the establishment of a secure attachment relationship and raise parents’ awareness of the significance of various signals and emotional manifestations of their child.

Parents/children activities

(specialized educator and psychoeducator)
In a playful context, parents are made aware of their ability to develop a relationship of trust and attachment with their child.

Group meetings and others services

Family Health Meetings

Parents have the opportunity to meet and share their realities and concerns on various topics. Our popular education approach values the knowledge of families.

Prenatal classes

In an intimate atmosphere, parents are supported in their preparation for the coming of the baby and are invited to exchange and share their knowledge and resources.

The Art of Parenting

This activity aims at preventing situations of abuse and improving the safety of children in families at risk or already living in situations of neglect and mistreatment. Attention is paid to parents’ experiences, to recognize the educational patterns conveyed and thus promote a positive attachment relationship with their children.

Infant Massage Group

These workshops allow parents to discover the benefits of massage and the many facets of well-being of toddlers (body language, baby colic, crying, sleep, stress) encouraging the creation of a secure attachment relationship.

Doulas support

(birth assistant).
In collaboration with other organizations, La Maison Bleue offers additional support during pregnancy and childbirth to pregnant women with limited social network.

Additional treatments

Through voluntary involvement of professionals (acupuncture, osteopathy, massage), we can offer free complementary therapies to improve the health and well-being of our families.

Special projects

Varying in accordance with the needs, artistic, sporting and cultural activities are offered to our families to promote their well-being in another context.

Celebrations and special Outings

Many times per year, our teams organize parties to celebrate various events with the families. Through various partnerships, La Maison Bleue organizes outings for families such as shows, museums, sports events, etc.