La Maison Bleue : a unique and innovative approach

Early intervention, complementary services, and the participation of mothers and families are at the heart of our prevention-based approach. La Maison Bleue’s project, with its hybrid structure and unique approach, proposes a model that could be adapted to the needs of all Quebec communities. This innovative model is effective, provided that it meets the criteria essential to its integrity and to its integration with the public health system.

A little home close to families

La Maison Bleue is not limited to being an access point where people can receive a set of medical and psychosocial care, it also offers a living environment for those families who attend La Maison Bleue. It is located in the heart of its community, easily accessible by foot or through public transportation. La Maison Bleue is housed in a warm and welcoming real home, on a human scale. The space’s layout is organized in a way that makes it ideal for group activities, with both parents and children.

A clinic built on a human scale benefits families, but also the teams working at La Maison Bleue. Interdisciplinarity is palpable not only during team meetings, but also in a more informal way by the proximity shaping the daily exchanges between professionals and other intervenors.

A unique hybrid structure

La Maison Bleue’s hybrid organizational structure is the result of the coming together of three entities:

a non-profit (NPO) and charitable organization (headed by a board of directors)
an Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (IUHSSC)
a family medicine group (FMG)

This hybrid model draws on the strengths of each and allows for the services of a team of professionals and intervenors from the public sector, as well as for the independent and more flexible management of an NPO.

La Maison Bleue offers a different and complementary practice, in a flexible framework that is essential for our families and marginalized communities.

Flexible organization and interdisciplinary team

In order to limit bureaucratic barriers and promote continuity of care, interdisciplinary work is at the heart of La Maison Bleue’s intervention model.

The NPO gathered together under one roof a set of services aimed at integrating medical, psychosocial and educational care in a preventive approach. In order to do this, each Maison Bleue can count on a interdisciplinary team composed of family doctors, midwives, nurses, social workers, specialized educators /psychoeducators, who can rely on the administrative support of a coordinator and a medical secretary.

Organizing the services in that way makes it possible to offer a global and comprehensive monitoring of families living in situations of vulnerability and allows for greater flexibility regarding service offering in order to adapt to the needs of families.

Links and strong community presence

La Maison Bleue is a real link between the different key players in the well-being of families living in situations of vulnerability. As such, we work closely and regularly with other organizations to ensure that our families receive all the services that they need. This collaborative work with perinatal care and early childhood organizations, or any other area that might help our families, is essential to the intervention model.

La Maison Bleue is also involved in its community by participating in several forums and round tables and by being a member of initiatives related to our fields of intervention.