La Maison Bleue shares its expertise and trains the next generation of practitioners

At the heart of its social perinatal model, La Maison Bleue holds a deep commitment to the training of young practitioners and to the outreach of its approach, whether by hosting interns or by participating in knowledge transfer activities on topics related to our intervention in the hope of sharing our expertise.

Community of practice

Bringing together professionals from all Maison Bleue sites and different care backgrounds, helps this committee develop internal knowledge transfer tools and ensure the harmonization of practices.

Community of practice

The mandate of this committee is to develop tools for internal knowledge transfer and to ensure the harmonization of practices. The committee comprises intervenors and professionals from different fields of practice and from each of La Maison Bleue’s three locations.

In-field training

La Maison Bleue applies its innovative expertise to serve the student community and provide them with the opportunity to experience truly unique interdisciplinary collaborative work and integrated services. Thanks to the close ties that La Maison Bleue holds with its institutional and academic partners, we offer trainings and internships specific to many interns coming from different fields of study.

In 2021-2022, students have contributed more than 2 400 hours to the organization’s work:

17 Professional internships including: nursing, special education, nutrition/drama therapy, social work and midwifery
14 internships in Social Medicine
32 Medical Externals
62 Medical Residents

Knowledge disseminator

La Maison Bleue shares its innovative approach and practices

In order to extend the knowledge of what are the best practices in perinatal and early childhood care to families in situations of vulnerability and thus improve the local service offering, La Maison Bleue gives special importance to knowledge transfer in action.

See for yourself by consulting our Outreach section to see a detailed list of media coverage, research, publications and conferences.