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We ask you for your collaboration in contributing to slow down the propagation of COVID-19. Take all necessary precautions in your daily activities and if you need to go out

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Good news :  According to the World Health Organization, pregnant women are at no greater risk than adults in general of complications related to COVID-19.

Thank you to all. Let’s be cautious, let’s work together

Interdisciplinarity at La Maison Bleue

L'interdisciplinarité à La Maison Bleue

We present you our first video capsule about our three pillars of social perinatal care. Its the result of brainstorming workshops of our community of practice and made possible with the support of Avenir d’enfants, this capsule shows how interdisciplinarity works daily at La Maison Bleue and explains the tools put in place to actualize this intervention approach.

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of our approach, which directs its attention on the totality of the health and social needs of the pregnant woman and child to come. By offering all our services under one roof, we successfully create a harmonious environment where trust and collaboration allow us to offer support that is both tailored and efficient.

Interdisciplinarity is one of three essential principles of social perinatal care, with empowerment and portage.

Click here to view! (in French only)

A 4th Maison Bleue is opening in Verdun!

La Maison Bleue de Verdun

Montréal, January 29, 2020 – La Maison Bleue announces the official opening of its 4th perinatal care center in the Verdun neighborhood in Montréal. Thanks to the support of its partners and the generosity of its sponsors and donorsLa Maison Bleue will be able to accompany pregnant women living in a situation of vulnerability as well as their family, in a neighborhood where the needs are manifests. This project is possible thanks to the contribution of the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, a backing that highlights the relevance of the role, structure and quality of services.

«C’est un grand privilège d’être associée à cette équipe qui s’agrandit pour soutenir des famillesqui vivent des contextes difficiles.En tant que marraine de La Maison Bleue depuis ses toutdébuts, je tiens à souligner le travail extraordinairede ces professionnel(le)squi permettent à de nombreux enfants de grandir plus sainement en étant entourésde joie et de solidarité avec les promesses d’une vie nourrie de confiance», underlines Guylaine Tremblay, actress and tv host.

Reduce inequalities by taking action during pregnancy
As it’s the case for the other ones, La Maison Bleue in Verdun will offer complete perinatal care. It will gather under one roof a set of integrated medical, psychosocial and educational services making it possible to have a positive impact on babies’ health, children’s development, as well as strengthening parental skills.

«Nous avons ciblé Verdun compte tenu du taux élevé de mères en situation de vulnérabilité, c’est-à-dire, qui sont âgées de moins de 20 ans, monoparentales, sans diplôme ou vivant dans la pauvreté.Cette Maison Bleue offrira non seulement des services qui favorisent le développement optimal des tout-petits, mais pourra créerdes filets de sécurité et des tremplins de solidarité pour les mamans et leurs familles.Notre souhait ultime est de rétablir l’égalité des chances dès la grossesse,» explains Amélie Sigouin, cofounder and executive director.

This new Maison Bleue will reinforce perinatal services and work closely with existing local services. It will act in synergy with the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-lÎle-de-Montréal and the GMF de Verdun, as well as with local community associations in order to accompany families and their children, until they start school.

About La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue helps pregnant women and their families living in a context of vulnerability. The goal is to reduce social inequalities and promote and foster the optimal development of children, from their mother’s womb until the age of 5. La Maison Bleue helped close to 5000 people since its openeing in  2007 and  now has four locations in Montreal, in Côte-des-Neiges, Parc-Extension, Saint-Michel and now

For information and interview requests

Marie-Hélène Duquette – Communications and marketing manager
514-379-3539, # 110 –

Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Maison Bleue’s crowdfunding campaign ended on January 15th. Our goal was to raise the necessary funds to open our 4th Maison Bleue, opening in January 2020 in Verdun. 

We are so pleased with the results of this campaign : 18 lullabies +30 doses of Happiness +23 double doses of  Happiness+9 Bravos +7 gestures of kindness + tens of other gifts = $25 789  (103% of our goal!).

Launched last November on La Ruche, this crowdfunding campaign reached its goal of $25 000 a little before the holidays. Thanks to the Fonds Mille et un pour la jeunesse, this amount was doubled to reach $50 000. The funds collected will be used to complete renovation work and to set up the different spaces in our new location, making sure it’s all ready and secure for mothers and their children and babies, welcoming them in a reassuring, comforting space. Families that will be accompanied there, will create longlasting bonds and find a second family, the Maison Bleue family.

Click here to visit our page on the La Ruche platform.

For almost 13 years now, La Maison Bleue has been helping pregnant women and their families living in situations of vulnerability. Its mission is to reduce social inequalities and to promote the optimal development of children, from the time of their mother’s pregnancy until the age of 5. La Maison Bleue’s intervention model enhances the complementarity of medical, psychosocial and educational services, gathered under one roof, in a hybrid structure, offering more freedom and flexibility that allow a positive impact on babies’ health and children’s development, as well as parental skills.

« La Maison Bleue,  it’s the opportunity to do things differently and have a positive impact on the life trajectory of children. » Amélie Sigouin, cofounder and executive director of La Maison Bleue.

Since the opening of the first house in 2007 in Côte-des-Neiges, La Maison Bleue followed more than 4500 persons (mothers, babies, siblings, partners). In 2011 and 2017, the organization opened 2 new houses in Montréal (Parc-Extension and Saint-Michel) and a 4th one is due to open in Verdun in January 2020.

Scotiabank Charity Challenge: a fun way to support La Maison Bleue!

On April 27 and 28, La Maison Bleue will take part in its first Scotiabank challenge !
Join us to for this extraordinary experience in support for La Maison Bleue  

3 ways to help us:  

  • Register to the running event and raise funds  
  • Support a participating runner or team  
  • Make a donation to La Maison Bleue 


Whether you are a beginner runner, an assiduous walker or an experimented marathon runner – people of all ages can put on their shoes and meet us on April 27&28 at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  Many running options are offered, including one with strollers!

New registration

Use these promo codes for La Maison Bleue in order to get a special rate when yo register (as indicated below).  These codes must be used at the time of registration and each run has its own PIN. It is very important to have them BEFORE you register and to use the appropriate code for your run.  

21K : 19BLEUE21K (65$)
10K :  19BLEUE10K (45$)
5K : 19BLEUE5K (35$ )
5K with stroller : 19BLEUE5p (45$)
Children Run : 19BLEUEenf (25$) 

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If you need help, you can consult the following help file : Inscription au Défi caritatif – Pas à pas 

Registration will be free for the first 10 runners to register, provided that $200 is collected before April 1st.
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Already participating ?

You can transfer your registration, at no extra cost, to run for La Maison Bleue.
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You don’t like to run? You’re not available? No problem! You can help our cause by supporting a runner or a team registered to the challenge: click here to find a runner or a team. 



You can also make a donation for La Maison Bleue : click here for the donation page 



If you need help to register or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact Salma Moussatef,, 514.509.0833 #222